1 pairs of timberland sock gifts value $21 for buying 2 pairs of timberland boots.


Do you allow group purchases?

timberlandsixinch,Inc. will be happy to assist you with group purchases for corporate,team,or any other use.Please send e-mail to mary.babury458@gmail.com with any questions or assistance regarding group purchases.If your question is not addressed in the information provided above, please o send an email to us.Or, you may contact us.

When will my return be processed?

Most returns are processed within 2-4 weeks of receipt. Credit for the returned item or items will post to your credit card account in two billing cycles (in accordance with your financial institution’s procedures). We do send a confirmation email when your return has been processed.

Can I cancel my order?

After your order is put into our system, we do not have a way to cancel it. Our customers appreciate our fast shipping and order delivery. In order to continue with our consistent customer service and timely delivery, we cannot remove orders from our system.
If you receive an order that you would have preferred to cancel, you may return the item to us free of charge. Simply email us (mary.babury458@gmail.com)repaid return-shipping label.

Why was my order cancelled?

First, please make sure that you entered the correct credit card number and information when you placed your order. As a practice of our business, we randomly and routinely contact our customers to verify order information. If you receive a message, please email us to confirm your order information. If you do not return the call or email, this will delay the processing of your order. If you do not return within 48 hours, your order will be canceled.

We provide these services as a protection to our customers and hope that you will be pleased with the high standards of business practices on our website. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us.

Can I order more than one of each timberland ?

You can order as many timberland boots as you like, please fill the Order Form available on our website.

How long will I received my timberland boots after I pay it?

EMS(Post office) promises us, The shipping time will takes about 7-12 Working Days, but usually it will more shortter than they promises.Your timberland boots will be sent by courier to your door. You will receive an email with your order confirmation number and your shipping tracking number with in 24 hours after you pay your order. With this tracking number you can track the progress of your parcel. Make sure you enter the right shipping address for your parcle. We are not responsible for reshipment if you provided us with an incorrect address.

Who is your shipper?

Our shoes will be shipped via UPS or EMS within 7-12 Working Days.

What if the shipment is lost or missing ?

A replacement solution will be offered to you. All cheap timberland boots are insured before shipping.

What if I receive a defected timberland boot ?

Such problems are rather uncommon, considering the fact that we will only supply fine quality timberland boot. If it is a manufacturing defect (that is beyond our control), therefore a replacement solution will be offered to you.